Want it on Wednesday: How Much is That Doggy in the Marc by Marc Jacobs Window?

I’ve wanted to own a dog since forever. More than anything I would love a little Westie named Snoop. Or Snoop D-O-G-G, but you have to say it like the man himself, ‘Snoop D O double G’. That would be his soundtrack every time he trots into the room. Can you tell I’ve put serious thought into this?

Anyway, for a number of reasons we’re not in the position to look after a dog, which means I’m always looking for ways around this. Today’s item, Marc by Marc Jacobs Dog Face Slippers.

They are the absolute bomb and I now need them in my life.

I’m seriously lacking in the flat-shoe department and love the comfort of slippers. I already own a very regal-looking pair from Nine West so these would slot into my wardrobe very easily.

The good news is they’re in the sale, £94.91 down from £189.81. Bargain. The bad news is that I’m still in the process of buying a house so have to be sensible. Damn.


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