7 New Season Bags That Make My Heart Skip a Beat

In my dreams these are the only bags that should grace my shoulders. In reality I will be shopping for similar on the high street until I’ve saved up some pennies for a splurge after my birthday in December. Only four months to wait.

Obviously I’ve ranked them from most loved down…

Charlotte Olympia ‘High Five’ Shoulder Bag

Let’s just start by completely ignoring the price tag attached to this badass bag. I am a sucker for anything that Charlotte Olympia touches and this is genius.

Saint Laurent Fringed Buckle Bag

Oh Saint Laurent, it’s as if you’ve been in my dreams and seen the bag I’m coveting the most. I love anything with a bit of fringing, gold hardware, heavy straps and the ability to carry my life in it.

3.1 Phillip Lim Small ‘East West Depeche’ Shoulder Bag

I love a faux fur trim. That’s all.

Paul Cademartori Petite ‘Faye’ Tote

How could I not be drawn to the bold colours on this one. The mix of deep turquoise leather against grey suede and the crazy multicoloured patterns on top. It’s a beaut.

MM6 By Maison Martin Margiela Crocodile-Effect Shoulder Bag 

A ginormous, triangular, crocodile-effect shoulder bag, yes please.

Kenzo ‘Drop’ Shoulder Bag

I love the monochrome, the stripes, the kind of blurred-effect pattern but most of all I love how it looks like it has a little face.

Moschino Quilted Jacket Shoulder Bag


I’ve never been a massive Moschino fan but the latest collection has definitely made me sit up and take note, including this bag. It’s a tad cheesy and something I wouldn’t normally go for but it’s still making me turn my head. The quilted leather, the red lapel the fact it’s made to look like it’s wearing a jacket. It’s kitsch and I like it.

That’s my lot. Greedy cow that I am.

What bags are you lusting after?

Images courtesy of Farfetch.com


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  1. That first one, seriously WOW! x