Spoilt for choice…Sorbet style…

As they say in the blogesphere (think I may have spelt that wrong!)……time for a little bit of shoe porn….curtousey of Kurt Geiger

Shoes from top left: Elanor £130, Alice £120, Lourdes £100, Siri £250, Betsy £120 and Lourdes £100.

Ahhhhhh…I’d love my summer shoe list to look like a tub of mixed sorbet. A splash of orange there, a bit of purple here all topped off by a dash of blue…..

Oh yeah Carvela also got in on the sorbet act…this time they added studs….

Shoes from top left: Astroid £130, Sizzle £160 and Study £150.

If I were a rich girl…la la la la la la la la la la la…..


7 responses to “Spoilt for choice…Sorbet style…”

  1. Avatar Eeli says:

    Shucks! Thanks Jo lol. I am gushing over some of these platforms. Once my undeiable fixation on black booties subsides I'll be sure to be snaffling some colourful ones up 😉

    xx Eeli

  2. Avatar Adela says:

    those are all SO GORGEOUS!! my faves are the orange and green sorbet, and the one with the silky pink bow =)


  3. ooh, the blue booties are my favourite!

    nicola xx


  4. Avatar BlueKlein says:

    I love those oxford purple flats!


  5. Avatar Robie says:

    "f I were a rich girl…la la la la la la la la la la la….."
    hahaha:D same here

    those blue boots are my fav <33

  6. Avatar monkey toes says:

    love the purple oxfords 😀

  7. Avatar Kristiana V says:

    Loving all the shoes, great taste 🙂

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