Golden leaf…

It’s amazing how you can easily become obsessed with one piece of costume jewellery. Every time I have a slightly bare neck or chest area I throw on the gold leaves just to brighten things up a bit. Also thought I’d bust out some brights…
The pics really don’t do my tights any justice, they have these flower prints all over and an amazing high sheen.

Also finally managed to get my hair cut and highlighted this weekend which was a roots were getting so bad I was embarrassed to tie my hair up!!! It feels nice to have had a lil bit chopped off ready for Summer…

(Jumper Urban Outfitters, dress, necklace Topshop, waist belt River Island, tights Primark, boots Peacocks)

7 responses to “Golden leaf…”

  1. Waouh!love your style! amazing boots!love it*

  2. I love the belt!
    Lovely drees.

  3. Avatar Robynne says:

    Love it!! Topshop is Amazing!!!

    fashion on edge…

  4. Great look, darling!


  5. luv the color of your dress ! hey go see my blog I tagged you to answer some questions ! 🙂

  6. Avatar prettyneons says:

    Wow that belt is brill, I want it!
    And those shoes, hell can I please just have half your wonderful wardrobe?
    As you can see I've finally fixed the comment thingy, I screwed it up and for ages couldn't leave comments. So annoying!
    PeAcE& BoWs…

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