Want it on Wednesday: Topshop's Blue Furry Bomber

I went shopping with my mum this weekend and upon accidentally stumbling into Topshop, found the perfect coat.

Now I take coat shopping very seriously. I have at least 10, maybe more if you include jackets, in my wardrobes. But what I don’t have is a furry blue bomber. And what I think I need is a furry blue bomber.

Oversized. Check.
In a colour I don’t already own. Check.
Furry. Check.
It’s just meant to be. 
I’m usually a 10 but found that the 8 actually fit me better around the neck – which, by the way, I absolutely adore. I love the fact that there’s no collar. It’s oversized, kind of boxy, has sleeves that stop just above the wrist bone and is bright blue and furry. It sound hideous which just makes me love it even more. For some reason it reminds me of big bird, except in blue.
I just so happen to know that Santa (aka my mum) has very kindly offered to make my dreams come true this Christmas, so expect photos of me big bird style soonish.

3 responses to “Want it on Wednesday: Topshop's Blue Furry Bomber”

  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Well that's one person sorted for Christmas. Love Santa xx

  2. Avatar pink cousin says:

    Wow, Santa rocks!

  3. Avatar Jojo says:

    Santa totally rocks this year, but that's not really a surprise.