All Decked Out, All Grown Up

Warning: This is most definitely going to be a proud homeowner post. Stop reading now if you have no interest whatsoever in my latest furniture purchases or ramblings.

You see, a couple of weeks ago, Al and myself spent the day zooming around London on the hunt for the perfect sofa. After visiting every sofa shop under the sun, we ended up in our favourite homeware shop, Dwell. Now we predicted this would happen and had already marked our catalogue (which makes me sound so old) on every page that promoted something we liked.

I’d like to say it was love at first sight, but I was hangry – a not-so pleasant mix of hungry and angry – and completely over furniture shopping at this point. Luckily Al knows the signs and bought me a fat burger to shut me up before dragging me back. After making Al and the salesman rearrange the shop, putting everything I liked in one place so I could see it all together, I fell in love.

And not just with the sofa – which is this Ankara reversible one – oh no, we didn’t stop there. We also picked out this bad ass curved floor light and two squidgy silver cushions.

I could sit my fat ass on this sofa all day, every day.

I just now need this bright orange blanket… and two of these knit weave cushions. Damn you Dwell, I’m far too addicted

Know any good homeware shops? Hook me up.


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