New shoes

I said yesterday that one of my many weaknesses is Kurt Geiger shoes. I therefore wanted to flaunt my latest pair which I managed to wrangle in the chaotic Selfridges sale (FYI I was not one of the many hundreds who went on Boxing Day, I hate crowds).

Here they are then. My new Kurt Geiger Acoro courts. Now usually I’m not a fan of brown, I don’t think I own any clothes in that colour, but I was instantly drawn to these shoes. I love the fat sturdy heel, the use of suede and leather and the huge buckle on the front, plus I love the glimpse of toe it gives. I think the simplicity makes them great everyday shoes and I find the cut of the shoe really highlights the ankle in quite a flattering way. I also like that they work well with a bare leg and I can imagine them looking just as good with black tights or even slim leg jeans.

Now I’m not content with showing these alone as I have to share a pic of my new favourites. This pair also mixes the use of suede and leather and has an exaggerated heel in the form of a mini wedge and I didn’t even have to buy them as they were a lil Xmas gift from the mother.

Not only do these shoes make me super tall and nearly on the same level as the boyfriend, they look even more sharp with a pair of black tights. They effortlessly seem to elongate the leg, with the platform sole making the heel easy to walk in and providing extra comfort. My friends have started to display signs of shoe envy which means I will have to start wearing them on a more regular basis.

Arhhh to be so easily pleased…


2 responses to “New shoes”

  1. Avatar 051023 Lisa says:

    I SAW THOSE KG’s!!!!!!! Jealous 🙁
    You did very well on your birthday not to wobble in those black n golds!

    Love youuuuu


  2. Avatar Nikki says:

    Yep, i love those brown KGs…..if only we were the same shoe size!!!!! well worth the buy, and i agree, i like their simplicity but at the same time their so unique and cute!!!! xxxxxx

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