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Want it on Wednesday: The Metallic Choker I’m Missing

If you read my blog regularly you will already know that I’m a magpie when it comes to jewellery. I like shiny things that instantly catch the eye. Pair that with my love of statement costume jewellery and we’re laughing.

Which I am doing right now over this Delta Two-Tone Choker from recently-launched womenswear site Finery London. It looks like something straight off a suit of arms and I kinda like that about it. It’s a gorgeous mix of silver and rose gold and adorned with decorative stones. It’s unusual and not something I’ve seen before, which makes me more even more determined to own it.

I don’t want to do the obvious and pair it with all black. Instead, I want to layer this with lots of lace, mixing the tough androgynous vibe with something more delicate.

I have a feeling Finery is a site I’m going to be visiting a lot more.

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Want it on Wednesday: A Sophisticated Constellation

I don’t know what’s happened to me, but now I have this swanky new hairstyle, I feel more sophisticated, more grown up and well, more like I’ve got my shit together.

This has definitely been reflected in my taste.

Take today’s Want it on Wednesday item for example. Just look at how smart and sophisticated it looks. It’s sparkly but not in an over-the-top way. It’s subtle and all kinds of beautiful. Anthropologie is a dangerous site to start browsing on. I need this delicious Constellation Necklace. Just look at it.

I’d wear it every day with everything, even my pyjamas. Definitely adding this to my imaginary want list.


When Red Lipstick Meets the Moon and Stars

I’ve become a bit of a lipstick junkie. I’m now always looking for a new fix, whether it’s a new colour, a new finish or a new brand to try. I have two to report on today. One red, my failsafe, and one pink, a little outta my comfort zone.

Let’s start with the pink shall we. I’ve always been after an in-your-face pink but never really thought I could pull it off. However, when I saw Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in Pink Pong, I immediately chucked it in my basket.

The packaging is super small making it perfect to cart around and it has a cute little doe-foot applicator to match. It glides on like velvet, is easy to layer and has the best staying power. I ate, I drank and it didn’t budge once. My only problem was the eventual drying and cracking as my lips have taken a bit of a beating this winter.

And now for the red. It’s a Topshop Lip Bullet in Joyride. Normally, when I reach for a lippy, it’s a red. It’s my safe option. I have pale skin and freckles and know that I can work a red. This one might just be my new favourite shade.

It looks super bright in the bullet, but on me is just a little shy of bold red maybe more rose, which is totally ok. It’s creamy to apply and has a satiny finish. My only issue was staying power, it’s not the best. Having said that, it is easy to touch up, with the pencil-like nature of the lipstick making it a quick to apply on the run.

Can I also take a moment to point out my new necklaces above. I blogged about this moon and stars pairing back in November as a Want it on Wednesday item, as stars have a real sentimental meaning to me, and my mum was kind enough to gift it to me. It means the world to me and is a constant reminder of the gorgeous people who I’ve lost but still carry with me. Thanks mum.

Got any lipstick recommendations for me, leave it below.

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New Jewels

I am a massive lover of costume jewellery. The bigger, the more spangly and colourful, the better. I like my jewels to make a statement. Like my neck is shouting “why hello there, check out my bejewelled self. I’m so shiny and beautifully decorated.” Or something.

I was completely spoilt for my birthday last month and these three new jewels made their way into my life and haven’t stopped hanging off my neck and wrist since. The beautiful bangle, which came from my absolute favourite shop Oliver Bonas, and the necklace at the top of the picture, all deep purples and blues, were both gifts from the two lovely ladies I work with. They are both absolutely perfect and add a bit of sparkle to a wintry outfit. I haven’t yet removed the bangle FYI.

As for the necklace on a rope, well, I’m in love. My cousin hit the jackpot here. I have a weird obsession with jewellery made out of twisted rope after ordering my old ex-work wife to make me some knotted arm candy after seeing some in the shops that I couldn’t afford. It’s just beautiful. It’s the perfect length and just hangs in the middle of my sternum. I think it also nicely detracts from the small-boob situation I have going on.

Funnily enough I’ve just ordered a beautiful three-tiered trinket holder that these jewels will look right at home in.

It’s safe to say you’ll be seeing these jewels a lot more. And I’m not even sorry.