It’s safe to say I have a couple of pairs of shoes in my collection. I wouldn’t like to guess how many, or actually count them because I’m slightly scared of the truth. Instead, I dug out my favourites, bust out some MJ-style moonwalks in my mum’s garden and filmed it. Check it out for yourself.

And yes, I’m definitely a #shoeaholic.

Let me know if you are too!

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The Day I Wore Patent White Brogues to Work

I wore my newish white patent brogues to work, which I should point out were a complete bargain,  and received some good reactions. I decided why not blog about it. Here’s what happened.

They got scuffed, massively. Not only by the train but by the opposite foot. I blame my Bambi-like ankles for this.

I got asked if I was a golfer. I’m not but can demonstrate a good swing technique thanks to years of listening to my dad and lil brother, both keen golfers.

Someone asked if my feet got sweaty as they noticed I wasn’t wearing socks. They didn’t but I informed them that they probably did smell.

The made me do a double take every time I looked in the full-length mirror in the ladies loo at work as they’re so bright.

This made me wonder whether I’d be able to see my face in them.

I skidded my way through Victoria station as they have zero grip on the soles.

So there you have it. The inane thoughts and comments around my beautiful new golf shoes, I mean brogues.

Find out what happened The Day I Wore Sparkly Shoes to Work.

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Today I Dressed Like a Cowgirl

I don’t know what it is but something about wearing a classic striped top, denim pinafore and white patent brogues made me feel like a cowgirl today. And I bloody loved it.

Today I got called Cotton Eyed Jo, which is actually my country and western stage name. I got asked where my horse was and if I was a mate of Grayson Perry’s. All compliments in my book.

But then again, it doesn’t really matter what others think or say, as long as you’re happy right? And I most definitely am. That’s all.

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White-Hot Soles for Summer

Whenever Debenhams have one of their sales, I know to expect two things.

One, that my mum will casually drop me a text along the lines of “just popping to town for a look in the shops”. She dangles the carrot and like a good pony I gallop along behind. And two, that I will end up spending money when I don’t mean to. This Saturday, both things happened and I ended up the proud new owner of these two pairs of shoes. Bright white shoes.

All for total sum of £19. Now that doesn’t sound too bad does it?

The first pair are exactly what I was looking for this summer. Block heeled, peep toed and buckled up to the ankles. They take a ridiculous amount of time to put on but once on, I won’t be taking them off.

The second pair, again from Red Herring, fit the bill nicely. I’m a lover of brogues and this patent pair happen to be perfect for wearing with skirts and dresses this summer.

So sunshine, I’m ready for you. I’m not sure you’re ready for my pasty limbs and bright white shoes mind.

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3 Ways to Wear an Oversized Check Shirt

I’ve been waiting for Al to get a check shirt that I could then borrow, for a long time now and it just hasn’t happened. So I got one for myself and I made sure it was as oversized as possible. What’s even better is that this one comes with pockets. I’ll never turn them down.

It’s a shirt that I’m having fun dressing up and down and generally seeing just what I can pair it with other than jeans. But we should always start with jeans.

With Jeans and My Boyfriend’s Jumper

For me this outfit felt like the obvious choice. An oversized maroon and navy shirt is super easy to pair with skinny blue jeans. It’s like peanut butter and toast, it just works. Then I decided why not throw one of Al’s cosy jumpers into the mix. I layered it up and then made sure that my collar was peaking out the top, my cuffs were rolled into the jumper and up to my wrists and that the ends were scruffily hanging out the bottom. I don’t like looking too neat.

I then finished with my sparkly, leopard-print trainers. Because, well, why wouldn’t I. I love them.

Shirt, Topshop. Jumper, Al’s. Jeans, Topshop. Trainers, Kurt Geiger. Watch, Michael Kors.

With a Leather Midi Skirt

There’s just something about wearing a big shirt buttoned up to the top and then tucked into a contrasting skirt. The mix of textures, the colours, even the fact that there is no skin on show, everything about this outfit rocks my world. It’s even better when the wind blows and catches both your hair and skirt, sweeping them upwards and outwards.

Shirt, Topshop. Skirt, Zara. Boots, River Island. Watch, Michael Kors.

With Checked Shorts

I like to clash my clothes, so I figured why stop at just one checked item when you can do two. Right. This look feels more relaxed with the buttons undone, one side tucked into the shorts and my trusty flat black brogues. It’s casual and could be worn at any time.

Shirt, Topshop. Skort, Topshop. Brogues, Clarks. Watch, Michael Kors.

If you don’t have your own shirt, I recommend stealing from your boyfriend. That’s if he owns one, unlike mine. Or, you could get my Oversized Check Shirt from Topshop for £32.

Either way, I want to know how do you wear yours?


Purple Errrything

For some reason my title immediately makes me think of Quality Street, which is odd because the purple ones aren’t even my favourites. Who would pick them over the strawberry creams, I mean honestly. Anyway, today’s post is a homage to all things purple, mainly my brand-spanking new dress.

A couple of weekends ago I went sale shopping with mum, which is a routine of ours after my birthday and the new year. For possibly the first time ever, which is bad I know, I ventured into Cos on the hunt for the perfect white shirt. I want to up my basics game and a white shirt is something that’s missing from my wardrobe. Instead of a white shirt, I found this purple dress.

Dress, Cos | Hat, M&S | Necklaces, ASOS | Brogues, Bertie | Watch, Michael Kors | Bangle, Oliver Bonas

It completely had me at hello. It’s a simple jumper swing dress, made from a flattering fabric that hugs the boobs and then gently falls a few inches above the knee. It has cute sleeves that finish just above the wrist and is in the most amazing deep purple. It’s a colour that doesn’t feature that heavily in my wardrobe so as soon as I pulled it on, I knew I had to have it. I’m now hooked on Cos, which could be an expensive habit.

My trusty floppy hat seemed the only option to pair with this dress. It had to be all purple or nothing, and to be honest my hair wasn’t looking so fresh so this provided the perfect cover up.

After placing myself on a shopping ban for the better half of last year, I was like a wild woman running between shops, and of course didn’t stop at just one dress. Hell no, I also picked up these shiny brogue-like babies. They’re so shiny I can even see my face in them. Who wouldn’t want that!

Have you been sale shopping? Picked up any bargains you’d care to share below?

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Confession, I Like to Steal My Boyfriend’s Clothes

I have a confession to make, I like to buy Al clothes that I can then steal for myself. Case in point this maroon spotted H&M shirt, which I bought him for his birthday this September, and then wore for myself this weekend.

Shirt, Al’s | Dungaree dress, ASOS | Tights, Primark | Brogues, c/o Clarks* | Watch, Michael Kors

There really is nothing better than an over-sized man’s shirt. As you already know, I’m not into tight,
fitted clothes so any opportunity to throw on something of Al’s, I’ll take it. Shirts, jumpers, tees, you name it, I’ll wear it all.

I was looking for an excuse to bust out my
denim dungaree dress this weekend and this shirt seemed like the perfect choice. When
teamed with thick black tights and brogues, who says you can’t wear a light
denim dress in the winter. I like the preppy vibe it has going on.

For me this shirt is the absolute business.

I’d also like to show off my new kicks (I’ve always wanted to type that phrase), these fringed (hell yeah) brogues are the latest addition to my already over-flowing wardrobe and I for one am not complaining. Thanks Clarks for hooking me up. See all their brogues here.

*Shoes courtesy of Clarks