The Shoes That Are Guaranteed to Put a Smile on My Face

What is there not to like with these shiny, metallic pink, pointy brogues. They ALWAYS manage to put a smile on my face. Just look at them! How could they not make you smile.

My feet are so in love with my pointy, shiny, metallic brogues they just can’t stop moving. #fwis #fromwhereistand #shoes #brogues #fblogger #dancingfeet #dancingfeet #style #fashion #happyfeet

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I picked them (and three others) up in the Debenhams sale and couldn’t be happier.

PS. I realise that by having two shoe-related posts on two consecutive days, I have definitely got a problem… #shoeaholic.

PPS. If only I’d picked them up sooner they could have featured in yesterday’s video.


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