Of Course My New Gucci Sunnies Are Glittery

As soon as I plan a holiday I find it necessary to stock up on sunglasses. The fact that I already have an obscene amount in my possession doesn’t seem to stop me. I’m an animal.

At the end of last year I found out that I’d not only paid off my student loan but had been overpaying it for quite a while. Say whaaaaaaat! Thanks to a chunky repayment I decided to treat myself. Firstly to a fancy cordless Dyson – which is the best purchase I’ve ever made and why didn’t I make it sooner? – and secondly to a new pair of sunnies. An investment pair, if you will.

One thing you should know about me is that I tend to be a tad impatient and knew that I wanted to look for said investment pair at the airport. Make a thing out of it. Spend time trying them on and posing.

So as soon as our honeymoon was booked, more about that here, I immediately sought out the ASOS sale to get a get a quick fix.

It hasn’t disappointed me yet. I usually stick with cat eye frames as I find they best compliment my oval face, plump cheeks and stay up my tiny lil nose without making it look even smaller.

Tortoiseshell is my go to, failing that I’ll take unusual shapes and designs. I picked up these flash lens cat eye sunglasses and these chunky frames, both for under a fiver each. Bargain. The original idea was that I would like one pair more than the other and return one. But the original idea doesn’t always work out.

With two new pairs and a lovely repayment from my student loan in my suitcase, we hit duty free while we were at the airport.

It’s safe to say I tried on at least 70% of the sunglasses on display. I went for retro, cat eye, classic Ray Bans, pink ones and tartan ones before finding a blinder of a pair in the sale section.

We’re talking silver glitter, bug-eyed Gucci wonders. What’s better than that? Sale priced silver glitter, bug-eyed Gucci wonders. That’s what. Boom.

Aren’t they amazing. They reflect the beach perfectly, lols.

P.S. That face sheen is 33.3% sun cream, 33.3% sweat and 33.3% Mojito. You’re welcome.


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