Because Everyone Needs Gold Pineapple Coasters in Their Home

I have my heart set on turning our home into some kind of tropical, jungle oasis. The best evidence of this is our living room…

Imagine warm oranges, cool greys, a big leafy palm-type plant, lots of wood and textures and Flammy, our flamingo lamp… But do you know what we didn’t have? Gold pineapple coasters. Thank god for trusty Sass & Belle on ASOS for being there when we needed them.

Now in all honesty, I don’t know that I’d have spent £15 of my hard-earned cash on these. But I did have a £10 voucher on ASOS, so I didn’t have to. Result!

The coasters are working the whole distressed vibe with some of the gold foil flaking away at parts. However, they look bloody banging on our table. They’re kitsch, fun and quirky. And I love them. Even if the husband isn’t 100% sold yet.

I mean, how could these not brighten your day?!

Is now the time to tell him I ordered this multi-tonal leopard-print rug???


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