Whoops…I just clicked BUY

UH OH. I made the made the mistake of checking my bank balance earlier and found that I had just received a payment! At the same time I just happened to be browsing through ASOS. Well, what happened next can only be described as an accident. My clicking finger just went off on a mad one and before I knew it my basket was filling up with socks, t- shirts, a long cardi (can’t get enough of them recently it’s freezing) and some trousers. Then before I even had time to realise what had happened I had entered the memorised special card digits and whoopsie bought the whole blooming lot. Bad finger. On the upside I’ve now got a nice little (or rather big) delivery to look forward too. In my defence your honor, they’re all nice basics which my wardrobe seems to be lacking. Here’s what I chose…

A chunky long line cardi, which would look heaps better with a big chunky black belt knotted around the waist. Two of these slouchy tees in grey and black which will sit well with a blue dogtooth high waisted frill skirt I have.

I ordered both these trousers on the premises that my wardrobe only currently holds one pair (albeit a black wool wide legged, high waisted pair) plus I though they’d look good styled with the socks below and some funky heels I have.

The styling in the pics above doesn’t really do the items any justice and I know that they seem pretty plain by themselves but I think when put with the right things they will come to life.
I will post my own pics when I get them. Fingers crossed.


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