Help, I’m Having a Sandal Dilemma

Help, I’m Having a Sandal Dilemma

Loyal readers I need your help. Now is the time to stand up and be counted. I’m useless at making decisions, especially in my personal life, so I’m drafting you in to choose for me.

Are you ready for this? Are you sitting down? OK.

I need help deciding which sandals I should go for this summer. I’m a lover of River Island sandals and I’ve narrowed it down to two pairs.

Should I choose these White Cleated Sole Snake Strap Sandals?


  • They have a beaut of a snake-print strap
  • They have big shiny buckles
  • I don’t own any like this already – although in fairness I don’t own any sandals currently
  • I love a clunky, ugly shoe and this is one
  • They’re only £30


These Pink Tribal Beaded Sandals?


  • They’re so pretty
  • They’re covered in tiny little sequins and gems
  • They’re only £35
  • They would look fab with tanned legs

What do you think? Which pair should I go for?

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