Want it on Wednesday: The Perfect Summer Dress

Instagram is making me a mental spendaholic. I don’t spend any actual money, instead I screenshot all of the clothes, shoes, bags, homeware items that I aspire to own and create a little sub folder where they all live happily together. Every now and then I like to reopen said sub folder and browse, mentally filling my wardrobe, living room and lifestyle with these dreamy items. With today’s WIOW item I actually went one step further. I took a screenshot, standard, and then hopped online to track it down so I could admire all angles.

You see, I struggle to dress for work in the summer. I have plenty of Summer frocks but some of the hemlines are questionable for work. I also have to factor in my commute, which will be fine in the mornings but by the time I’m on the overground home, the train will have been roasting in the sun all day without any air conditioning. Imagine a face-in-armpit situation with no breeze and top it all off with beads of sweat pouring down your face and that’s what it’s like. Filthy and disgusting but true.

This rather long winded explanation should explain my fascination with finding the perfect summer dress that can be worn both to work (train friendly) and out with friends at the weekend, and I think this Long Layer Dress from Zara does just that.

It’s in a beautiful shade of blue, which I’m hoping will compliment my pasty limbs. It’s long, flowing, has a nice v neck which isn’t too revealing, drapes nicely and isn’t form fitted, yet it does have a belted waist to highlight the slimmest part of the body. All for £40.

Chuck on a pair of sandals (I’m in need of those too) and you’re good to go. Nice work Zara. Very nice work.


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