Toto, I’ve a Feeling We’re Not in Kansas Any More

Let me just snap my sparkly red heels together. That’s better.

These glittery Saint Laurent ‘Babies’ are just too hot to handle.

Just look at them sitting there, all glistening and sparkling. If there’s one way I like my shoes it’s definitely covered in glitter.

I’m in love with the all-over red glitter, contrasting pink heels and don’t even get me started on the cute side buckle.

I’ll see you later. I’m off to follow the yellow brick road. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll lead me to these. Or maybe the £485 needed to own them.

*Snaps heels*


2 responses to “Toto, I’ve a Feeling We’re Not in Kansas Any More”

  1. Avatar laura says:

    I wish I could un-see these, they are so seriously stunning!

    • Avatar Jojo says:

      Aren't they just beautiful. If I had money to burn I'd seriously consider getting these. I've got a sparkly shoe obsession at the moment. Jojo x