Show a bit of leg

I woke up this morning to see nothing but bright white snow absolutely everywhere. I love it! But hand in hand with the snow comes the minus temperatures. Which means tights are essential when braving the elements. Tights are the simplest way to update any outfit whether it be a skirt or a dress. Searching online this morning I found the website Love Colour-Love Tights which stocks hundreds and hundreds of tights all organised in categories by style, pattern and colour. The ones that are calling me the most are the floral prints. Guaranteed to brighten up your day.

I have so many simple items in my wardrobe that will look great with these tights. The prices range from £5 to £9.95 depending on what pattern you want and at the moment they have 3 for 2. I think I might be becoming a floral addict.

To add to this I just found Bebaroque tights a label that was created by Mhairi McNicol and Chloe Patience two Scottish designers who trained in textiles at Glasgow School of Art. Mhairi specialises in elaborate hand embroidery with Chloe focusing on intricate drawing skills. Together they create high quality tights using embroidery and print onto vibrant coloured hosiery.

Their tights are more expensive starting at £20 and ranging to £37.95 for a more extravagant pair. The above tights are named Betty and Miss Godiva. They also create Bebaroque brides tights named Betty’s Getting Married and Mrs Feather, which are rather cute.


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