A sea of blue

I was looking through my Elle Collections Spring Summer 09 mag today and saw this ad for Aquascutum and was instantly mesmorised by it.
I literally just sat and stared at it for five minutes. It’s such a simple concept but very effective when blown up to fit a page and a half in a magazine. I love the sea of blue and the intimate poses and the way that each couple is intertwined with the next by the twist of a strategically placed leg. The models seem to fold into each other like they are all linked somehow. Actually it reminds me of old school discos where at the start of the night the boys and girls would sit on opposite sides of the room, trying to decide who had the most courage to ask the other to dance. I suppose the above image would be what the end of the night looked like, just not as colour coordinated!

Image from Aquascutum


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