An Ode to Knee Socks

In my books, socks are pretty under appreciated, so I’ve decided to dedicate a post to them. In particular, I’d like to take a moment to rave about my obsession with knee socks. 

They’re good in a number of ways, so good, I’ve listed them below.
1. In the winter I get lazy and don’t like to shave my legs, so knee-high socks hide the fact that I’m actually half gorilla.
2. They just look so darn cute. Seriously, try pairing them with your nightwear (even a massive work tee), dresses or shorts, you can’t help but like it. Do it. Now.

3. They’re cosy. After all, no one likes cold toes.
4. Sometimes they even make sparkly ones. And you know how happy that makes me.

5. Arctic Monkey’s wrote a song about them.

After that, try and tell me you’re not sold.


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