Lace Overalls to Give You That Friday Feeling

How about a little lace to give you that Friday feeling? It most definitely works for me.

I am a lover of lace. I have lace skirts, tops with lace detailing, lace covered dresses and even lace socks, but what I don’t have are lace overalls. Especially not Nina Ricci Lace Overalls.

I like that the bib and shorts are covered by a cotton mix but how the rest of the legs are all sheer. It’s very Kris Kardashian circa Chanel Couture 2015. I’m totally digging it.

This makes me massively dream of the late-summer holiday that Al and I booked last month. Ahhhhh. I definitely need lace overalls for that. I could just pull them over a bikini. Dreamy.

What do you think? Give lace overalls a go or steer well clear?


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