America, We’re Driving Cadillacs in Our Dreams

I’m taking any means necessary to prolong my holiday high, unfortunately for you that means whacking a few of my favourite pics from Orlando right here.

You have been warned!

The best meat feast pizza I’ve eaten. Americans know how to do it.
Dress, Urban Outfitters. Necklaces, Forever 21. Sandals, ASOS.
My first experience of shelling then eating crawfish at Hot and Juicy. The bibs were needed.

Channeling my inner Armstrong with my not-so-new boyf and not-so-little brother. 
 Dress, Topshop. Cuff, Forever 21. Necklace, Australia. Sandals, as before.

One of the best served Margaritas ever from Joe’s Crab Shack.
My mum taught me never to play with my dinner, unless it’s crab from Joe’s Crab Shack.
Date night.

I can only wear white when I have a slight tan.

White, white sands of Orlando.
A Coke the size of my head.
10oz burger with bacon, onion rings and a side of fries.
Don’t let the beauty of this lake fool you. It’s full of alligators.

America, I love you.


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