My Out-of-Control Pretzel M&M Addiction

This is a cry for help. M&Ms are taking over my life. I need help. Or someone to take the bag away.

That’s right, I went to Orlando for two touristy-packed weeks and at the top of my check list of things to buy, above jeans, Converse, etc, etc, were pretzel M&Ms.

It all started many moons ago when my old American boss (that’s right Alexis, I’m blaming you) started shipping us boxes of candy from New York. I’m a sucker for a sweet and salty mix and these little pretzel nuggets covered in chocolate, suckered me in.

When I stumbled hunted down the candy aisle in Wallmart, I knew exactly what my crazy eyes and grumbling stomach were looking for. But no, an ordinary sized bag just wouldn’t do. I had to buy the party size bag. FOR MYSELF.

What can I say, my inner fat kid came out. I’m still not planning on sharing.

They’re all mine, MINE, I tell you…

Get your own off Amazon. But beware, they’re £40!!! I only paid $10. Cue evil laugh. Mwahahahaha.


2 responses to “My Out-of-Control Pretzel M&M Addiction”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    I LOVE these, I always beg people to bring me some back when they go to America!