Lulu Guinness Has Her Eye on the Prize

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to get my hands on a Lulu Guinness Perspex Lips Clutch. In particular, a bright red one.

This bright red one…

Look how glossy and shiny it is. I just want to pet it and take lots of silly photos posing with it. However, my funds have all been spent on a big holiday so needs must.

And then I spotted this.

Ahhhh, the very beautiful Sapphire Eye Coin Purse.

During LFW, which feels like forever ago, three of my favourite bloggers; Coco’s Tea Party, What Olivia Did and Fashionista Barbie, took part in a ‘day in the life of’ featuring the new eye coin purses. It’s safe to say I’ve fallen for them.

Lulu Guinness definitely has her eye on the prize. And now, I do too.


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