I may have a problem…

So recently I’ve picked up this new little habit where not only do I shop online at night but I pop to the shops in the morning on route to work…and spend, and spend, and spend. It’s now got to the point where the majority of my new purchases remain unworn hanging from the curtain rail, wardrobe doors or are still sitting roughly folded in their plastic bags. Shameful.

For ageeeessss now my dad has been pointing out to me the fact that I have more clothes than the shops themselves but I just laugh it off. Every time I appear from my room, morning, noon or night I get the obligatory ‘is that another new outfit?’ No matter how many times I say no, and usually that is often because I am a liar, it continues.

Then after a lovely day sunning myself at Farnborough Air Show on Sunday I get pinned down by my family asking me questions like, how many items in your wardrobe do you wear often? Did you shop this morning? How much money do you spend a month on clothes? Ummmmm a lot.

Looking through my cluttered wardrobe it’s clear that I don’t wear all of the clothes. I recycle a few basics on a daily basis for work and then like to switch it up for the weekends. Plus I have a lot of clothes that still have the tags on and that is just not right. Someone else could have given them a happy home….

So because of this I have set myself a challenge. Some of you may laugh, some of you who have the same problem shall I say, will understand. I am going to stop shopping. I have set myself a workable deadline to begin with, one week. (It’s going to be tough as I get paid tomorrow) If this week goes well, I might make it another week and so on. Just while I realise what I have already and knowing what I really need, espesh for Autumn/Winter.

Phew am glad to get all of that off my chest. Today is day two of not shopping. Obviously this happens to be the day that ASOS send me an email telling me it’s the last day of their sale. damn it. If you get someone to buy it for you does this count as not shopping??? Not that I’m asking or anything, just saying…

Have you ever given up shopping. Please tell me it went well, I need some inspiration.  Also I decided not to post any pictures because I thought that might make me fall off the wagon…


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  1. Avatar RedHead says:

    Sister, you are right on. Can we do this together? I've spent nearly 4 grand in seven months on clothes. It's a disease.
    'my wallet is closed! I do not want to shop!'
    And I gave up for Lent. Saving is really satisfying.

  2. I totally understand I have the same problem …. if it's not clothes it will be makeup or furniture I always feel the need to spend on something… when i was pregnant I only bought 4 dresses and a pair of jeans in a years can you imagine!!!!! I didn't need to buy new clothes I was getting bigger every months!! No am not saying that you have to get pregnant of getting fat lol but the more money I was keeping in my bank account the less I wanted to spend cause I was soo proud to have more than a thousand and it was even more fun than a bunch of clothes sleeping in my room… you:ll see 🙂
    alice xoxo


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