Day three…

So this could get really tedious or it could be brilliant, but bear with me while we work this one through…

Today I have now managed three whole days of not shopping. Wahooooo, can you tell I’m feeling incredibly proud of myself. Yes, yes, I do realise that this may seem irrelevant to many but to me this is actually a big deal.

So I decided to try to keep a diary of what I wore and how it made me feel.

Today’s outfit consisted of my favourite summer skirt from Zara, paired with a really old blue vest with lace detailing from Oz and an old white top from ASOS.

This outfit always makes me feel like a milkmaid….Just plait my hair and call me Heidi.

Oh and just because I’m not buying, doesn’t mean I’m not planning what to buy for A/W, just waiting till after I lift the embargo…


8 responses to “Day three…”

  1. Avatar RedHead says:

    Love that skirt.

  2. Avatar KIRAFASHION says:

    Such a beautiful look and skirt! I love it!

  3. Avatar prince says:

    wow id like everything about it

  4. Avatar buzzmeout says:

    such a adorable outfit

  5. Avatar Istarblog says:

    likey the goodness

  6. Avatar finkalixius says:

    you look so darling on this outfit

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