How I Wear Sequins: On a Night Out

Last weekend it was one of my besties birthdays so to celebrate we went to a cocktail bar near us. Seeing as this bestie in question has a dependency for sparkle, I decided only one dress would do.

Now before I show you the outfit I should mention that this isn’t really a sequin-covered dress, but does have a gold thread which shimmers and sparkles against the dark material. Disclaimer over… I can continue the post with a clear conscious now.

I was very hit and miss with this dress when I first spotted it on ASOS. I was worried it’d be too short (it is), shoddy fabric (it’s alright) and maybe look a little, well, tacky (cough). But surprisingly if it does look tacky, I’m fine with it. In fact, sometimes I embrace tacky. Tacky is my friend.

It was an awesome sale bargain somewhere around the £10 mark, which I used a gift card to buy. I think the back of the dress sold me. I have a thing at the moment for an exposed back. I think there’s something incredibly sexy and mischievous about having your front covered but when you turn around your back on display.

Again, you know I like a skirt that kicks out when I twirl. I will never grow out of this princess-like phase of photographs.

How are you wearing your sequins?


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