How I Wear Sequins: Around My Neck

My fashion-partner in crime knows me well. As someone who also has Magpie-like tendencies, we both appreciate the odd sparkle or two.

My case in point is the necklace and ring she got me for my birthday.

It’s a cross extravaganza.

This necklace is brilliant. It’s full of different colours, shapes and sizes. What’s even better is that it jingles as I walk. I’m now like Santa. You can definitely hear me coming.

The ring is cool and quirky, giving the illusion that it fits across two fingers.

The big pink-jewelled cross is definitely my favourite out of the bunch. It’s just so brash and chunky. I love it.

How do you wear your sequins?


One response to “How I Wear Sequins: Around My Neck”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    Oh god I love that necklace. Your blog is the worst for me.