A few more wants wants wants…

….and guess what..they’re all from Toppers…I don’t know what’s happening to me recently, Topshop seems to be the only online site where I can find items that I might actually buy…if I had any money…and I used to be such a big ASOS fan…

Checked boyfriend blazer, £60

Denim stone dress £45
Dip dye ombre silk back top £35
High waisted shorts £30
I want them all…and I want them now


5 responses to “A few more wants wants wants…”

  1. Avatar BlueKlein says:

    I want that silk top!!!


  2. Avatar DaisyChain says:

    Ohh I love that denim dresssss. I need it!

  3. Avatar Victoria C says:

    lovee the blazer and the dress, how i wish topshop shipped to canada!

  4. Avatar tanya says:

    ooohhh I’m drooling over that blazer…lovely!

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