Salute Sir Sorger…

This may be quite a long post guys as I want to take my time gushing over designer Richard Sorger…as this is a man of many talents. Not only does he design the most beautiful dresses, think delicate silks embellished with sequined designs, he also teaches on the Fashion Design course at Middlesex University where he himself studied.

His past is varied, he moved to Milan for eight months after his graduation to teach fashion at a private school, moved back and became a design assistant for Abe Hamilton, began teaching again at LCF and Middlesex Uni, created a womenswear line with Benjamin Kirchhoff called SorgerKirchhoff, then launched his own label Richard Sorger in 2004…oh yeah and he co-authored a book ‘The Fundamentals of Fashion’…phew…

I’m going to included both S/S 09 and A/W 09 purely for the fact that I am enthralled by both collections and don’t feel I can choose just one to post about.

His Spring/Summer 09 is luxurious looking and is based around jewelled pinks, golds, blues and caramels. The colours look so rich against the bright background…
I love the spread of gold running down the back of the blue and the fact that it hangs perfectly from the body. The pale pink top above reminds me of a Quality Street but in the best way possible. It looks delicate but beautifully made.
I think that these two dresses are transformed into something else, with the sheer black layer giving the dress an edge and stopping the dresses looking to prom like. I feel like normally the extra layer would take the eye away from the intricate embellishment on the dress whereas here, I find that I’m actually drawn to it more. Which is mad but makes the dress an instant hit in my eyes.

Sorger’s Autumn/Winter 09 collection if possible, is even better. The colours used are darker and more sombre, again the blues, versions of grey, black, all heavily decorated with silvers, greens, whites and gold.
The length of the dress and the neckline varies in nearly every dress which makes them all the more unique. the shapes of the embellished bits is also extremely flattering, it gives the body more shape while also streamlining the silhouette.
The skirt and top above seem like a bit of a break from the rest of the collection as the texture of the material is heavier but again the design detail takes the otherwise simple shapes and transforms them. As seen at most of the A/W 09 shows the hips and shoulders seem to be the highlighted area of choice for the season.

My absolute favourites….
I don’t know if it’s just the dark photography that sways me towards these two or the poses but these are my absolute favourites of his collection. Firstly, I love the sheer overlay over the fitted shape of the dress. I am then drawn to the flame like details that twists its way up the dress. As for the second picture…well..everything from the simple blazer cut of the leather jacket to the flared waist and, although it’s hard to make out, the flower/rosette details that cover the bottom. It is just beautiful.

I feel all gushed out now, sorry it’s been such a long post but it was something I felt I had to share…I just hope I’ve done it justice…


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  1. Avatar tanya says:

    wow, these images are just gorgeous…they really make the clothes pop! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Avatar prettyneons says:

    Hello’s…wow, wow, WOW…love right up my street this sort of style, cheer’s for posting hun.
    Oh by the way I am considering a out fit post, I shall ponder the idea =)
    Peace and Bows…

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