A scribble of colour

Ok so I’ve been a bit absent of late, probably not a good thing for a new blogger but I promise I’m back now, just had the boyfriends birthday and a stack of work to get done. But it’s done now…. Anyway in order to brighten up these gloomy wintry days I’m trying to work a lil bit of colour into my wardrobe. It seems to have a positive effect on my mood and make me smile crazily to myself every time I pass a window or mirror and see a bright reflection, I know it’s a bit sad and childish really. This seamlessly leads me onto to printed fashion designer Hilary Laing. Her influences stem from children and the want to make people smile with her vibrant, playful designs.
This A-line shift dress is one of my favourites. I love the simplicity and the way the scribble pattern really stands out against the white background of the fabric. I can imagine it layered over some deep violet tights and a short turquoise cardigan I have. Unfortunately for me this is just a fantasy of mine as my current funds can’t stretch that far. On the other hand I might have to console myself by purchasing the Ilaria multicoloured bracelet. Now there’s something to look forward to on a Monday morning.


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