A Love Letter to… My Bath

Dear bath,

You inviting tub of hot, bubbly, water. What would I do without you? I mean, a shower seems like the obvious answer but it’s not the same. You’re so comforting. The way you let me slide right down until my shoulders are enveloped by a gentle, warm lapping of bubbles. Delicious. Nothing makes me feel as relaxed as you do.

When my anxiety was at an all time high, back in June, we met daily for an hour-long soak. I spent my day paralysed with worry, seeking relief in what you had to offer. That hour, locked away, was my ultimate escape. I could feel the weight lift. The brain fog depart momentarily. I felt light. Calm. Comforted. Relaxed. Untouchable. My anxiety couldn’t get the better of me.

I find we don’t need to meet as often these days, the fog has lifted. But if I ever feel a wobble, am bloated beyond belief from my IBS, or am generally tired and achy, it’s to you I turn first. I light the candles, grab a book or Netflix and lower myself in.

My body lets out a sigh of relief. My mood lifts. My mind takes an hour off.

I don’t know where my prune-like, post-bath body would be without you.

Forever yours,



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