The Perfect Summer Dress for an IBS-Bloated Tum

Do you remember when we had that first heat wave a few weeks ago? Well I do, because I immediately panicked that I didn’t have any dresses to wear that would cover me for work and play. I headed to my saviour, ASOS, and ordered this dress and am now convinced it’s the best thing since sliced sourdough with smashed avo on top. Especially for those of us who spend 90% of their life with a bloated IBS tum.

I’m going to share 7 reasons why this dress is so f**king fabulous.

1. Look at that gorgeous electric blue colour. Even more perfect if you have baby blues like myself.

2. It’s then covered in flowers.

3. Or, as ASOS call it, mix and match floral print, which I’m on board with.

4. Hello, ruffle trim. Thank you for distracting the attention away from my bloated tum, across my waist and then down one side. You’re too kind.

5. The cute tie waist nips you in while still maintaining a bit of room and floatiness – totally a word.

6. The asymmetric hem is frill galore. And I have time for it.

7. Finally, it’s sleeveless, meaning no sweaty pits. Even when you’re crammed into some strangers armpit on a sweaty commute.

This dress rocks.

It’s made the transition from work appropriate, sweaty commute, through to panel event in the evening. And has done so either in flat sandals, heeled mules or sequin Converse.

It’s fun, bat-shit cray and really, there’s just so much going on, no one is even giving your stomach a glance, love. I would well recommend it.

You can get it from ASOS, here.

My work here is done.


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