My Little Antiguan Corner of Joy

I like to spend a lot of time on the sofa, in my pjs – call it self-care, laziness or constant IBS fatigue – so it’s important for me and my sanity to have something nice to look at. Other than my husband, obvs. 

My personal style is bright and colourful and in my home I tend to lean towards anything tropical. I like big leafy greenery, I like clashing colours and in general, I just like a lot of stuff everywhere. Minimalist, I am not. 

My generous work colleagues knew that I wanted to turn my house into a jungle and kindly gave Al and I the flamingo lamp (AKA Flammy) as a wedding gift. Flammy is a majestic piece of art and also flipping huge, so we rearranged our set up to place him on a side table, in the corner of our living room. Alongside him we popped a candle from Next’s Antigua line and a frame with lyrics to our first dance, Bob Marley’s Is This Love, again both presents. Both representing our dream wedding and holiday. (I am aware that there are no flamingos in Antigua but who cares!)

Next up we knew we wanted some kind of big plant with fat, juicy leaves. All kudos now goes to the husband, who went on a trawl of the local garden centres to find exactly what I wanted, without me really explaining or even knowing what I wanted. Instead, I was at home on said sofa due to a lovely chesty cough, which has developed nicely.

Cue ten minutes spent with Al Whatsapping photos of different plants, pots and stands, and me then directing him to put a scene together so I could see our favourites in situ. 

He nailed it. 

Not to take it all away from him but I’ve taught him well.

I added my star light on top of the crate – the crate here serves a vital purpose because we have a curious bunny who likes to dig her face into mud and eat it. And she’s white and fluffy – which was a gift from my mum because stars are our thang, and a print my cousin and her wife had given us as a wedding gift. 

Et voila. It’s like we’ve brought a little slice of Antigua back with us. Every time I look at it I sigh with happiness. 

My biggest problem now is trying to leave the sofa…

What area of your home do you love the most? 


2 responses to “My Little Antiguan Corner of Joy”

  1. I realised at the end of last year that while I am the queen of Pinterest for my house I’m saving for I just wasn’t loving my house I am in now. It meant I was going out as much as I could and with that ended up spending money and so Im on a mission to (on a budget) jazz up the house a little bit!