Forget Juicy Tubes, It’s All About the Juicy Shaker

When the postman drops off a shiny pink package you know the contents are going to be exciting. Especially when it contains the latest lip revolution from Lancôme. Oh, and some jelly beans, hello!

Way back in the ’90’s, I was obsessed with lip glosses, especially Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes. I’d have tonnes rolling around in the bottom of my miniature handbag that I’d take to school, each one pinker and more glossy than the last. I’d apply them all the time, so much so that I probably ate more than was left on my lips. My only problem was that sticky situation of my then long hair blowing in the wind and winding up sticking to the gloss. Not a good look people. Especially when paired with purple eyeshadow but I digress.

Anyway, it’s time to forget about the infamous Juicy Tube, because it’s now all about the Juicy Shaker – possibly the cutest little lip smacker I’ve ever seen. What sets it apart is its funky formula of pigment and nourishing oils, meaning you have to shake it like a Polaroid picture before applying. The soft sponge pillow applicator allows you to push the product into the lips for a beautiful glossy finish with no sticky factor. Just nourishing and hydrated lips, which for me at the moment is a blessing, as mine are chapped to shreds.


I have two to choose from, Apricute which smells like apricots and leaves a subtle orangey-red finish and Lemon Explosion, which is a citrus delight in a soft pink hue.

I have to admit I love the novelty factor with these. It gets me all sorts of strange looks on the train in the morning for the 5 minutes that I pretend I’m shaking a cocktail. It feels bizarre dabbing an oil-based product on your lips but it does the trick, stays put and looks gorgeous. I’m sold.


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