How to Beat a Migraine

This time last week I was struck down with my first migraine in months. I was doubly pissed off as I’m now on preventative medicine that’s meant to stop migraines, however this time, it didn’t do the trick. Over the years I’ve worked out the tricks and tips to help ease my migraines which, touch wood, have worked every time.

First up, let’s talk migraine symptoms. Mine are recognisable within minutes. I always get a headache over and behind my left eye. This is my strongest eye, so feels the strain having to constantly make up for the other one. My vision then goes blurry in my left eye, I struggle to focus on text and I become super sensitive to light. Add to that a numbness and tingling sensation down my left arm, feeling nauseous and super tired, and I’m in the midst of a full blown migraine takeover.

These are the six things I do every single time in an attempt to beat it before it beats me.

Be Prepared
I am blind as a bat and flit between wearing daily disposable contact lenses and glasses. The majority of the time I wear contacts but always carry my glasses with me, so that if I feel an attack coming on, I can bin the contacts and put my glasses on. This immediately gives a sense of relief and my eyes start to relax.

I also always carry painkillers. Whether it’s paracetamol, ibuprofen or Anadin, I’ll take them straight away to attempt to dull the pain.

Water, Water, Water
Dehydration is a definite factor in migraines so make sure you consume as much water as possible to avoid it. If you feel too nauseous to eat, drink some more.

Stop Screen Time
Whether it’s a work desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, stop looking at them and take a break. Go for a walk, get some fresh air and judge the situation from there. I find that if I don’t catch my symptoms early enough, the only option is to stop working and go home, avoiding all screens.

Stretch and Massage
Take five minutes to stretch out your neck and back, relieving any built up tension and relaxing your muscles. Finish by gently massaging your temples for some temporary relief. Migraines are brought on and get worse with stress so do everything you can to unwind.

Lights Off 
Sometimes sleeping for a couple of hours in a dark room is the only thing that’ll help. If that’s what it takes, then that’s what you’ve gotta do. I close my curtains, put my phone on silent, pull on my eye mask and grab some much needed zzzzzzzzs.

I tend to find mine need a good 24 hours before leaving completely.

Got some tips of your own? Share them below.


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