6 Reasons Why Having a Backpack is the Business

So a nice little friend we’ll call Charlotte, because that’s her name, was kind enough to fulfil my backpack needs and dreams.

She’s a reader of my blog and had seen my posts harping on about owning a backpack. But not a cruddy one. I wanted a nice one that while practical, leaving me arm free, also looks the biz. And she succeeded with this beauty. Or shall we say the Fiorelli Petra. It’s a mix between light grey and taupe and big enough to fit everything in, but also not too big that I can over pack and completely weigh myself down. In essence, it’s perfect and here are six reasons why.

1. I can squeeze onto a tightly packed train and not worry about my handbag getting in the way. Because it’s on my back. Although I’m hasty to say that I am not a backpack train w*nker, I promise.

2. Wearing a backpack leaves my arms free to do whatever I please but mainly to hold on to the poles on the train so I don’t fall arse over tit. I’m far too clumsy and my ankles are far too Bambi-like.

3. I can fit books, work deliveries and all my usual crap in it without it all spilling out or looking all lumpy. It proved itself Friday with a hefty chick lit and a parcel containing two Bioderma Sensible bottles.

4. It goes with absolutely everything including leopard print, which is handy for my wardrobe.

5. It has loads of hidden compartments so I can keep my crap organised. Well, I can try. At least I now know where my headphones are.

6. I didn’t have to fork out a couple of hundred pounds for either the Grafea Backpack I wrote about here or Whistles Verity, here. For that my bank account will be forever grateful.

Thanks Char you little beauty.


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