I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

For a while now my hair has just hung in messy waves at an indescribable length. Out of laziness and because of the sweltering heat, I’d given up on straightening and started leaving it to do it’s own frizzy thing. But I got bored. Real bored.
I had a haircut booked in and knew that I wanted and needed a couple of inches off the ends. Instead, thanks to my hair guru Chez and my amazing hairdresser Claire, I went for the chop, ending up with a longish graduated bob.

Ta da! We’ve kept it blunt at the back with it gradually becoming longer towards the front. I love it. I honestly think this my best haircut ever.

I love the way it swings when I walk. In fact I’ve been practicing dramatic head turns just to get the full swoosh.

I spent Saturday afternoon parading my new do to friends and family and received a wealth of compliments.

So thank you Chez and thank you Claire. You both rock.


One response to “I Whip My Hair Back and Forth”

  1. This looks gorgeous on you! I hate getting my hair cut but always love the end result! x