Naeem Khan Look 18

Every now and then at work I find myself browsing the latest collections from fashion week and making notes on possible future blog posts. I’ve got a few up my sleeves but one in particular just caught my eye and I felt it needed it’s own post.

Enter look 18 from the Naeem Khan New York show.

This took my breath away.

After spending a good 10 minutes dreaming of myself wandering around a sunny beach I snapped back to reality. Imagined Maggie Gyllenhall in this dream-boat of a maxi dress. Plaited hair, long pendant, maybe a cuff around the wrist, bare feet.

For me this is just utter perfection. Every time I take another look I notice another beautiful detail. The tight high split, the deep, deep v neck, the billowing sleeves, the red pattern in start contrast to the harsh black. I’ve died and gone to heaven.

I’ve just read the description and realised this is a bridal collection. Incredible.

View the complete collection here.

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  1. You could SO wear this!