Sunny Side Up

I’ve been saving this post until the weather started to behave itself. Today will be that day.

I didn’t realise, until the boyfriend pointed it out recently, that I’m a bit of a sunglasses hoarder. I’ve narrowed this post down to my four favourite pairs, but I tend to find sunglasses scattered all over the house that I’ve completely forgotten about. Because of this I never realise how many options I have and always tend to stick with my trusty Ray-Ban Wayfarers. So, for today’s post I figured I’d share my go-to sunnies.

I can’t remember how long I’ve had these Ray-Bans (above), maybe a couple of summers now. If I’m really honest, I think they suit Al a lot better than me, however I will always fight for the right to wear them. They’re a classic pair that go with any outfit on any occasion. You can’t argue with that.

These pink and grey babies are a little more kooky and fun. I picked them up last summer in Topshop, who always, always, nail sunglasses, and love them. If I’m wearing an outfit which has a retro feel I’ll grab these. Or, if my outfit is in need of some colour, these are my go to.

I would say these House of Harlow Chelsea sunnies are definitely the glammest pair I own, the most expensive I’ve paid for and the most difficult to get my hands on. I pretty much put out a begging post in March 2012 because nowhere had them in stock. It then took me a painful three months to get my grubby little paws on them, obviously I documented that moment too here.

I love the cat eye, the tortoiseshell print, just the fact that they’re bloody humongous and of course their ability to spruce up any old outfit.

My final pair are these over-sized Topshop green metal babies. I think I was drawn to the fact that they have a slight cat eye frame. They also sit quite far away from my face which helps when you have a little button nose like I do.

What I’m wearing:
Dress, Topshop
Shoes, Converse
Necklace, Topshop
Leather cuff, Whistles
Watch, Michael Kors
Ring, Whistles

There you have it, my four favourite frames that are always close by. What sunnies will you be rocking this summer?


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