Metallic, Embellishment and Fringing in the Goldie London Sale

Goldie London are having a sale. This is not good news for me. I’ve been on a self-inflicted shopping ban since the beginning of the year and I’ve been doing ok, up until now.

I’ve been resisting buying this dress from a previous Want it on Wednesday post or any of the other cut-out dresses I’ve been crushing on.

But now they’ve gone and done this to me…

There’s these Carolina Silver Metallic Trousers, which have been reduced to £20.


This cute Hazer Ivory Blouse with Embellishment, £25. You all know I’ve been on the search for a perfect white shirt which would slip easily into my bulging wardrobe. You also know how I am addicted to embellishment.

To top it all off there’s some fringing thrown in for good measure with this Offside Military Green Long Blouse, £20.

Metallic, embellishment and fringing are three of my favourite words. It’s just not fair. Goldie London, why are you doing this to me?!?!


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