Charlotte Olympia, She’s Just a Cosmic Girl…

Not two Charlotte Olympia posts in one week I hear you cry. Well get over it because it’s about to happen. I’m having a Charlotte Olympia moment and I’m combining it with a Jamiroquai song. What you going to do?

My new crush of the week has created what can only be described as a super cool cosmic collection. Suddenly the Jamiroquai reference doesn’t seem too silly does it?

I’ve always been interested in my star sign and have been looking into typical traits of a Capricorn. The majority of them ring true, I would say I’m a hard worker, ambitious, stubborn and practical. The two points I would question mainly revolve around patience and organisational skills but we can gloss over those.

I’m basically the goat personified – continuously climbing up the hill. I digress…

This collection is based on the 12 signs with Birthday Shoes and Zodiac Pandora clutches… I’m in love.

I would say that the description below is fairly accurate.

These beauts are my Capricorn birthday shoes. Well they’re not technically mine…

The green is not a colour I’d normally go for but I’m loving it. It’s gorgeous and the contrast of the gold heel looks amazing. The star sign is hand-painted enamel and embellished (one of my favourite words EVER) with Swarovski crystals. Ahhhhhhh.

Want to know what’s even better? There’s a matching clutch. Fist pump.

Introducing the Capricorn Pandora.

Made from coloured perspex the Pandora features the same enamel Zodiac symbol as the shoes. It’s dreamlike.

I know what’s going on my wish list. How about yours?


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