Cover a Fiorelli Bag in Gold Sequins and Call it Mine

For a very long time Fiorelli has been my absolute go-to for bags. Their range is beautiful, they’re not too pricey and are made of gorgeous leather. I have so many in my collection it would be rude to count… plus I wouldn’t really like to admit that number to the not-so-new bf.

You can imagine my sheer delight when I received one of those said Fiorelli bags from my bestie for my birthday. Now, she either knows me really well or she’s been reading this blog recently because…

Ta da! It has gold sequins on it. Hell yeah.

Just look at the way it sparkles in the light.

It’s a soft clutch, covered in a broken-gold effect, that has a long strap to be worn on nights out across the body. Wanna know what’s even better…

 It has a sequin-covered coin purse on at the top! Dare I say it, this bag is cute and practical.

 I’m in love. What more can I say.

Thank you bestie.


One response to “Cover a Fiorelli Bag in Gold Sequins and Call it Mine”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    I have a bag crush x