Picture Perfect London and Me

A little while ago, back when we had our sweltering heat in April or May I was recommended by my work colleague Nicole (thanks!), to the editor of a brochure who wanted to highlight Victoria, London as an up-and-coming place. They got in touch and I was asked to take part in a mini shoot.

Well, you can imagine my immediate excitement, followed by an intense discussion with the girls I work with about what I should wear.

I settled on a simple pink sleeveless silk shirt, lace midi skirt and super platforms that I can barely stand, let alone walk in.

We found this beautiful side street in Victoria that looks pretty and quaint. It looks like a perfect, untouched spot in the London sun.

Photo taken by Phil Taylor.


One response to “Picture Perfect London and Me”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    What a stunning, stunning photo x