Planning for my Vay-Kay

In precisely 6 weeks time me, the new boyf and 6 others will be packing our suitcases for our Ibiza blitz up. We decided that it was now or never. We’ve been thinking about Ibiza for years but never booked it.

This year was different though. I got a new boyf who genuinely likes and gets on with my friends making it a helluva lot easier. It’s also an old friends 24th birthday while we’re out there so what better way to celebrate?

Obviously, planning for a holiday is difficult. You need pool clothes (we have a private villa dontcha know), beach clothes, casual day clothes, posh night clothes and party clothes. That’s a lot of clothes. You also have to take into account the three other skinny minnies I’m going with which makes it even harder.

That’s why, in my dream world, I’m shopping designer darhingggg….

This is my glam Ibiza pool chic look…when in Ibiza I feel you can clash any print…
First off I’d like to start with this Seventh Wonderland marbel swimsuit.

At £175 I’d class it as an investment swimsuit, but hell it looks hot.
I’d clearly need to be wearing these Christian Louboutin Cardena Tresse 140 suede and leather espadrille wedges, a steal at £395.
Being fair I’d need a little cover up for the midday sun…
It’s got to be Pucci. Although I’ll need a little longer than 6 weeks to save £3,125.
Finally, to stop the glare from the pool I’d invest in these Linda Farrow Luxe Round-frame acetate sunglasses. A bargain at a mere £305.

So, that’s my dream pool-side look covered. What would your dream holiday outfit consist of?

Excuse me while I go and count my pennies….

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