Birthday bash a planning…part two

Now there was never meant to be a part two to this post about the hunt for a birthday dress, but after waiting two weeks (because of the crappy snow) I am now 9 days away from my birthday still dress-less, which has made me start to panic.

What’s more, I now dislike the original dress I ordered from ASOS even more.

While hibernating last night I remembered that Olivia Rubin (who you may know I am a massive fan of) is holding a sale of old stock online. I already have two dresses from her SS10 collection so know the fit and sizing on me.

When I was originally looking at buying from her SS10 collection I always had more than two dresses on my mind but honestly didn’t have the money to buy them all. Now they are heavily discounted so I figured why not buy two.

The first one is the Miro black

Originally £257 it is now only £40 which is more than a bit of a bargain. I love the fitted nature of this dress and the piping detail and contrasting colour to the shoulder.

I then also ordered the Gaudi

I know this is similar to the Opie Black that I own, but it was just too good a deal to resist, from £216 to £70. I’m hoping both will fit and look good with the suspender tights I want to wear.

I am praying (quite literally I’ll have you know) that the crappy snow doesn’t impact in their delivery. Please keep your fingers crossed for me…

Have you guys ordered anything that you’re waiting on?


2 responses to “Birthday bash a planning…part two”

  1. Avatar rainbow haired cousin says:

    Good choices! Was sooo tempted by the Miro Black too cos the Miro blue looks great on (even if i say so myself)

    Got loads in the post that I'm waiting on and reeeeeally hope it's gonna get here

    loves x

  2. Avatar daisychain says:

    Oh gosh I'm loving the dresses. I hope they come in time x

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