Dress me up before we go go….

I have just been informed by a friend that we are going out for her birthday in a few weekends time. This is the perfect opportunity/excuse to look for new dress….

So far this is my favourite, although I can’t decide whether I want it more in black or red…It’s from Topshop and I think is around £50.

The cut-outs really make this dress different and the flared skirt will be super flattering. When describing it to said friend I called it my man catcher dress, well you never know…

I thought if I got it in black and maybe brought the red Topshop shoes I posted about that would be me sorted.

Thoughts please.


One response to “Dress me up before we go go….”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    I like the black best…it's more versatile for accessories! x