Freakin’ well want it on a bloomin’ Friday….please

Ok, so I know I am slightly stretching my own rules here by posting a ‘want it on….’ post on a Friday….but hey to the ho. It’s my blog and I’ll bend my rules if I want to. Humph.

I have just got round to scrolling through some of the ASOS White collection and just stumbled (well the virtual equivalent) across this gorgeous, suede dress.

Ahhhhh. The deep blue, the waist knot, the one shoulder, even the boots and socks….I love this whole look. The dress is £120 and if I wasn’t so broke, I’d buy it now.

This dress can be worn anywhere for anything, which makes it the ultimate wardrobe essential.

When is pay day again?


2 responses to “Freakin’ well want it on a bloomin’ Friday….please”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    Oh my god, that dress. I want.

    Lets go rob several banks 🙂

  2. great dress simple and classy

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