Loves It Love

I love reading Love magazine. For one their covers always amaze me, for the pure fact that they are so glossy sometimes you can’t be sure who exactly it is on the cover.

Take for instance this one…

Sienna Miller, I kid you not. I think her makeup totally transforms her in this picture. The cover line is right, she is the pin up here.
The other covers on sale include a nudie Kelly Brook (am not sold on this one), Gisele, Rosie and Aggy to name a few. My aim is to pick one up today but have you got yours yet and which cover did you choose?

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  1. Avatar RedHead says:

    Out of that lineup the only one that doesn't make my skin crawl is Aggy. I'm so over Rosie and Gisele – their look is so 90s. And Sienna is just trashy.

  2. love and love love your blog xx

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