The Only Jumpsuit You’ll Want This Summer

I knew nothing about this brand until I saw Zanna Rassi rocking the most insanely-beautiful jumpsuit in an Instagram snap a couple of months ago. I had to find out where it was from and then I had to blog about it.

Electric Feathers is the brainchild of Leana Zuniga, who creates pieces that can be worn from day to night, inspired by all things effortless and functional. Sounds like my kinda gal. I’m a fan of the whole of her summer collection, but for me, the jumpsuits are next-level amazing.

In particular this one.

Hello sexy backless number aka Infinite Rope Jumpsuit. This is all out sass. Take a second to take in the rope and the many ways it can be worn. You can tie it halter style, wrap it round the waist or even, wait for it, turn it into a bandeau and pants. It’s way more than just a jumpsuit.

The wide pant legs, they way they hit above the ankles. Everything about this is dreamy. And I want it bad.

If I start saving my pennies I might be able to afford it before my holiday… If I give up eating and living for the next couple of months.


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