Every year myself, my mum, auntie and cousin plan a day to do all of our Christmas shopping together. Saturday was the chosen day seeing as I have no time to take off from work as I am going on holiday in less than 2 weeks.

We all always really look forward to this day, especially the coffee stops along the way to catch up. I thought I had planned really well. I knew what I wanted for Christmas and also what I wanted to get for others so presumed it would be easy. Well I was wrong.

The only thing I managed to buy was one little prez for the boy. I then went completely blank and couldn’t find anything that I liked enough to receive from my auntie. Useless.

One the plus side we did find a magnificent present from my mum to me…..Just imagine them in a mink colour….
Heaven in a shoe….the other plus side is that they were massively reduced! Wahay.
Just need to find some clothes to wear them with.

I have also been really wanting a massive faux fur coat but have always been unsure about getting one. I saw this in Miss Selfridge’s and am still a bit undecided.

What do you think…yay or nay??


4 responses to “Bootyliscious”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    spooky, was just thinking of you earlier!

    I say YAY to the coat
    (I want it!!!)

  2. Avatar iñaki says:

    I think every woman should have a leopard coat.


  3. i love leopard print jackets, i say it's a must have for every girl!

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